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If $G$ is a graph with $4k$ vertices and minimum degree at least $2k$ then $G$ contains $k$ vertex-disjoint $4$-cycles.
A conjecture of Erdős and Faudree. Proved by Wang [Wa10].
If $G$ is a random graph on $2^d$ vertices, including each edge with probability $1/2$, then $G$ almost surely contains a copy of $Q_d$ (the $d$-dimensional hypercube with $2^d$ vertices and $d2^{d-1}$ many edges).
A conjecture of Erdős and Bollobás. Solved by Riordan [Ri00], who in fact proved this with any edge-probability $>1/4$, and proves that the number of copies of $Q_d$ is normally distributed.

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