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I need help! Please get in touch (via erdosproblemsonline@gmail.com) if...
  • You know Github and could set a suitable project up to allow people to contribute new problems (and corrections to old ones) to the database, and could help me maintain the Github project;
  • You know things about web design and have suggestions for how this website could look or perform better;
  • You know things about Python/Flask/HTML/SQL/whatever and want to help me code cool new features on the website;
  • You know about accessibility and have an idea how I can make this website more accessible (to any group of people);
  • You are a mathematician who has thought about some of the problems here and wants to write an expanded commentary for one of them, with lots of references, comparisons to other problems, and other miscellaneous insights (mathematician here is interpreted broadly, in that if you have thought about the problems on this site and are willing to write such a commentary you qualify);
  • You knew Erdős and have any memories or personal correspondence concerning a particular problem;
  • You have solved an Erdős problem and I'll update the website accordingly (and apologies if you solved this problem some time ago);
  • You have spotted a mistake, typo, or duplicate problem, or anything else that has confused you and I'll correct things;
  • You are a human being with an internet connection and want to volunteer a particular Erdős paper or problem list to go through and add new problems from (please let me know before you start, to avoid duplicate efforts);
  • You have any other ideas or suggestions - there are probably lots of things I haven't thought of, both in ways this site can be made better, and also what else could be done from this project. Please get in touch with any ideas!