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Let $r\geq 3$. For an $r$-uniform hypergraph $G$ let $\tau(G)$ denote the covering number (or transversal number), the minimum size of a set of vertices which includes at least one from each edge in $G$.

Determine the best possible $t$ such that, if $G$ is an $r$-uniform hypergraph $G$ where every subgraph $G'$ on at most $3r-3$ vertices has $\tau(G')\leq 1$, we have $\tau(G)\leq t$.

Erdős, Hajnal, and Tuza [EHT91] proved that this $t$ satisfies \[\frac{3}{16}r+\frac{7}{8}\leq t \leq \frac{1}{5}r.\]