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Let $R_3(n)$ be the minimal $m$ such that if the edges of the $3$-uniform hypergraph on $m$ vertices are $2$-coloured then there is a monochromatic copy of the $3$-uniform hypergraph on $n$ vertices.

Is there some constant $c>0$ such that \[R_3(n) \geq 2^{2^{cn}}?\]

A special case of [562]. A problem of Erdős, Hajnal, and Rado [EHR65], who prove the bounds \[2^{cn^2}< R_3(n)< 2^{2^{n}}\] for some constant $c>0$.

Erdős, Hajnal, Máté, and Rado [EHMR84] have proved a doubly exponential lower bound for the corresponding problem with $4$ colours.

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