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When is the product of two or more disjoint blocks of consecutive integers a power? Is it true that there are only finitely many collections of disjoint intervals $I_1,\ldots,I_n$ of size $\lvert I_i\rvert \geq 4$ for $1\leq i\leq n$ such that \[\prod_{1\leq i\leq n}\prod_{n\in I_i}n\] is a square?
Erdős and Selfridge have proved that the product of consecutive integers is never a power. The condition $\lvert I_i\rvert \geq 4$ is necessary here, since Pomerance has observed that the product of \[(2^{n-1}-1)2^{n-1}(2^{n-1}+1),\] \[(2^n-1)2^n(2^n+1),\] \[(2^{2n-1}-2)(2^{2n-1}-1)2^{2n-1},\] and \[(2^{2n-2}-2)(2^{2n}-1)2^{2n}\] is a always a square.