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Let $n\geq 1$ and $f(n)$ be maximal such that, for every set $A\subset \mathbb{N}$ with $\lvert A\rvert=n$, we have \[\max_{\lvert z\rvert=1}\left\lvert \prod_{n\in A}(1-z^n)\right\rvert\geq f(n).\] Estimate $f(n)$ - in particular, is it true that there exists some constant $c>0$ such that \[f(n) \geq \exp(n^{c})?\]
Erdős and Szekeres [ErSz59] proved that $\lim f(n)^{1/n}=1$ and $f(n)>\sqrt{2n}$. Erdős proved an upper bound of $f(n) < \exp(n^{1-c})$ for some constant $c>0$ with probabilistic methods. Atkinson [At61] showed that $f(n) <\exp(cn^{1/2}\log n)$ for some constant $c>0$.
Additional thanks to: Zachary Chase