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Let $k\geq 3$ and $f(k)$ be the supremum of $\sum_{n\in A}\frac{1}{n}$ as $A$ ranges over all sets of positive integers which do not contain a $k$-term arithmetic progression. Estimate $f(k)$.

Is \[\lim_{k\to \infty}\frac{f(k)}{\log W(k)}=\infty\] where $W(k)$ is the van der Waerden number?

Gerver [Ge77] has proved \[f(k) \geq (1+o(1))k\log k.\] It is trivial that \[\frac{f(k)}{\log W(k)}\geq \frac{1}{2},\] but improving the right-hand side to any constant $>1/2$ is open.